Ok, so , GET READY. I was in high school when I got drunk for the first time. My friends, who were already in and on the drinking trend, took me to the riverside after classes and we bought beers. Mind you that I didn’t know my alcohol tolerance at that point. I had 4 beers, got all merry and decided to go buy 4 more. After we were done I could barely stand up. They dragged me to the bus station (my pants fell down on they way) and put me on the last bus back home. The bus was full so I had to stand in the isle. When it moved I fell down and someone offered me their seat. I slept for most of the ride but when I woke up I just had to go. I opened my school bag with all my books and notes in it and just vomited inside. I didn’t really aim very well and got my stomach’s content on the seat in front of me, on myself and the floor. It was a mess. When we got to the final stop I gave the driver my phone and he called my dad who had to pay for the cleaning. I got my ass whooped too. :)))